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Six Superior Tips for Hiring the Right Tech Talent

Hiring the wrong person is like buying the wrong power tool, except the problems go deeper than having an embarrassing discussion with the customer returns desk at Home Depot. That is why it is prudent to hire the right person the first time. In an article for IT Business Edge, Don Tennant shares six tips from hiring consultant Scott Wintrip to effectively build the right IT team:

  1. Embrace experiential interviews.
  2. Cultivate a diverse workforce.
  3. Line up key people before you need them.
  4. Use a hiring team to avoid making bad hires.
  5. Make the most of referrals.
  6. Network with a candidate recycling program.

The Right Talent at the Right Times

Experiential interviews work on basically the same principle as case study interviews in consulting: You give the candidate a task to do that would be part of the job role if the candidate received the job. With such an interview, you should learn almost right away if candidates actually have the skills to do a job at the level of quality required.

Next, to cultivate a diverse workforce, do not just worry about things like gender and ethnicity. Get smart about the requirements you are demanding of applicants too; you might be demanding things for a job that are not really needed—and losing out on potentially excellent applicants in the process.

To ensure you have people on hand when you really need them, you should be building a pipeline of applicants even when people are not immediately needed. Asking friends if they have worthwhile referrals could assist with this process. And if you have an especially progressive company, you might even consider a “candidate recycling program,” where you partner with other businesses to share your high-quality talent for whom there is not currently a clear role. This could be a job candidate, or it could be actual employee you “loan” out.

Lastly, to avoid bad hires, assemble a hiring team:

Even the best interviewers routinely overlook crucial details during the interview process. This may prompt them to hire employees who don’t perform as expected and cripple the company over time. But a hiring team can solve this common problem — there are four distinct hiring styles. You are… a Tackler, a Teller, a Tailor or a Tester. Each hiring style has strengths and blind spots, so it is important to have people who fit each style on your hiring team. Together you will be able to notice any red flags while interviewing job candidates, and work together to choose the best person for the job.

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