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Proven Ways to Earn Employee Trust

Trust is a response to action. If you want to build trust with employees, then you have to give them great reasons to feel that way. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Carolyn O’Hara provides six tips to build and keep trust:

  • The more distant (physically or figuratively) you seem from the people below you, the less reason or opportunity people will have to trust you. Reach out to individual employees and make connections over trivial things you have in common, like a preferred sports team.
  • Share as much info about the business as you reasonably can with employees. If you leave them wondering, they will dream up their own, potentially damaging conclusions.
  • Encourage and empower employees to achieve goals that align with both their own interests and those of the business. Do not just have them follow commands. When you trust them, they will trust you.
  • Absorb blame as a leader but be swift to give credit to people who do well.
  • Treat everyone equally and do not play favorites.
  • Be competent at your job!

You can view the original article, along with two case studies, here:

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