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4 Tips to Change Someone’s Mind

Jake has decided on solution A for the project, but you know in your bones that solution B is the way to go. Now what? In an article for Inc., Geoffrey James offers four simple tips that may be applied quickly:

  1. Sympathize with Jake’s position, agreeing with as much of his perspective as you possibly can.
  2. Reframe the problem in such a way that your two perspectives stop directly conflicting.
  3. Introduce a new solution to the reframed problem, using evidence that supports this new line of thought without belittling the other person’s previous position.
  4. Provide a way for Jake to save face that makes it more comfortable for him to change his mind.

If this sounds easier said than done, that is understandable. But at the full article, he provides an example dialogue of these principles in action. You can view it here:

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