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A Useful Trick to Find a Mentor outside Your Network

What if you are looking to develop a skill that does not really exist in your organization, or is unavailable to you? Jo Miller suggests a relatively simple answer in an article for Mashable. She says you should go to a seminar and speak up.

A frustrating reality for many presenters is that they hit their Q&A phase only to be met by crickets from the audience, or worse, some jerk asks a non-question that is really just an advertisement for the jerk’s business. However, if you (during or after Q&A) thank the presenter and make an insightful comment, that will instantly set you apart and make you memorable. Then ask if you can follow up with that person from time to time with pertinent questions. If that person gives you a genuine yes, terrific!

Do this a few times, and based on your experiences with these professionals, you will be able to decide if there is one who could be really useful as a mentor. So in that case, you just have to make the plunge and ask. Good luck.

For further details, you can view the original article here:

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