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Which of These Six Leadership Styles Defines You?

Different groups classify leadership styles in different ways, and the Hay Group advocates six types. In an article for Entrepreneur, Tor Constantino describes these six different leadership types. You might find that you are primarily one type but also express shades of a couple others. This is how they break down:

  1. Directive: Issues unilateral orders as a means to run the business (typically only viewed as useful in emergency situations these days)
  2. Visionary: Shares a comprehensive perspective of where the business should go and why, and how individuals can contribute to this vision
  3. Affiliative: Emphasizes fostering employee relationships so as to create strong cohesion and cooperation, the benefits of which are displayed in ultimate business results
  4. Participative: Invites others into decision-making and solution generation, because informed teams make better decisions than individuals
  5. Pacesetting: Has high performance standards and leads by example, but may be reluctant to delegate
  6. Coaching: Aims to understand employees’ strengths and weaknesses and address their development gaps

For further discussion, you can view the original article here:

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