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4 Ways to Build Trust in Digital Government

Heads of state understand that technology makes all the difference, and government must go digital. That being said, most government entities are risk-averse. How do we shove agencies into getting with the program? Susan Moore shares some quick recommendations in an article for Gartner:

  1. Build resilient digital leadership.
  2. Establish a shared digital government strategy.
  3. Maintain transparent communication.
  4. Get proactive about risk management.

The Political Machine

CIOs and other IT leaders should unite with HR and overarching transformation programs in order to build a stable of “tech-savvy stakeholders.” This group can hold the line with or inspire greater confidence in digital initiatives. And about shared strategy, Moore says this:

Shared goals between the IT department and executive leadership within the government organization are a critical aspect of success. IT cannot be expected to successfully deliver digital government if it is focused on technology alone, as opposed to looking more broadly at organizational goals.

Once the shared digital government strategy is established, it must start to deliver tangible business benefits quickly, as political and agency leadership can change even within political cycles. Building trust and confidence can be vital in establishing a degree of tolerance when faced with any future setbacks.

Lastly, IT leadership must remain open with communication and proactive with managing risks—two things that everyone should be doing anyway.

You can view the original article here:

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