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Handy Hidden Firefox Functions

Chrome is seemingly most popular, but Firefox has always been my browser of choice. For the like-minded, Evan Dashevsky provides a slideshow at PCMag illuminating some of the browser’s more interesting features. Chief among them is typing “about:config” into the URL bar, which opens up a whole suite of preferences that can destroy the browser’s usability if we are not careful. But if we are careful, we can use it to enable things like tab previews, which can be activated by finding “browser.ctrlTab.previews” and changing its value to “true.”

Another super handy option is the ability to refine our searches within our Firefox history by using symbols:

  • ^ for matches in your browsing history
  • for matches in your bookmarks
  • + for matches in pages you’ve tagged
  • % for matches in your currently open tabs
  • ~ for matches in pages you’ve typed
  • # for matches in page titles
  • @ for matches in web addresses (URLs).

Did you also know you can create your own keyboard shortcuts? Well, you can by downloading the “Mozilla-blessed” Customizable Shortcuts extension at least. And if you are visiting YouTube, do not pause videos by clicking on them like some animal. Instead, just hit Spacebar to pause or un-pause, and the Up and Down Arrows to adjust volume. Look at all the power that exists at your fingertips!

For even more tips, you can view the full slideshow here:

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