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Should You Become a Manager? Maybe Not

Your current gig might be plenty cushy, and there are plenty of positions with high salaries that do not involve overseeing other people. Should you really aim to become a manager? Jennifer Winter helps you decide by asking you a few questions in an article for the Muse:

  • Can you tolerate meetings? Because managers attend a lot of them, and in an ideal situation, they all have valuable information that warrants further action.
  • Do you enjoy teaching and/or coaching? Leaders must be willing to do this.
  • Are you comfortable giving regular feedback, positive and negative? Employees like to know how they are doing, and you must make a commitment in their ongoing success.
  • Can you withstand conflict? If you flee from tough situations, you are useless as a leader.
  • Can you be good cop and bad cop? Corporate makes weird decisions sometimes, and unfortunately, you might have to enforce those weird decisions.

You can consider these questions in further detail at the original article:

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