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3 Reasons Every CIO Should Work Closely with the CMO

Everyone in the C-suite has the same ultimate goal: build a better business that generates more revenue and creates more satisfied customers. So it would make sense if the C-suite worked together more often. In an article for CIO UK, Chloe Dobinson shares three benefits to the CIO and the CMO working together:

  1. They build a common language.
  2. They can better target content to their audience.
  3. Stronger cross-teams and better branding result.


More CIOs are being tasked with increasing customer engagement. Fewer CIOs are being tasked with doing the stuff that CIOs are traditionally expected to tackle. The CMO can help in imperatives regarding customer engagement, and in fact would probably welcome the CIO’s technological strategic assistance. They can have a meeting of the minds about how to implement analytics to learn from customer behaviors.

About the second benefit, Dobinson shares this:

T spending is shifting from on-premise hardware to digital technologies, with 17% of IT budgets being spent on hosted/cloud-based service projects in 2017. A CMO’s responsibility will focus on ensuring business growth; while a CIO’s role requirement needs to turn technology into growth. This collaboration between the two roles will see a better functionality in the digital and marketing strategy.

Audience content such as social media, forums and blogs have generated revenues in giving consumers a more personalised customer experience.

And of course, when the CIO and CMO bring their teams together, great learning is going to occur across the board on both sides. But aside from raw knowledge, perspectives will also combine. Greater context will be created for how employees view customers, and stronger organizational alignment will result.

You can view the original article here:

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