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10 Things Great Project Leaders Do Every Day

Great habits support great results. For instance, someone who works out once every few weeks is not on track to become the Rock, or even a sturdy Daniel Bryan for that matter. In a slideshow for, Moira Alexander shares 10 things great project leaders do on a regular basis that cause them to stand out:

  1. Make waves (constructively)
  2. Demonstrate their best professional self
  3. Recognize and appreciate others
  4. Keep the communication flowing
  5. Remain flexible
  6. Acknowledge weaknesses and seek to improve
  7. Admit mistakes and allow others to make them
  8. Frequently and regularly revisit schedule and priorities
  9. Regularly check in with appropriate stakeholders and team members
  10. Take breaks and encourage the team to do likewise

Heavyweight Leadership

Really capable project leaders are always looking for ways to update processes and to make best practices even better. They want to improve upon the status quo without ruining the foundation that made things work in the first place. They act with confidence in one hand and humility in the other, all while treating others with respect and valuing others’ opinions. When a great idea comes along that started with someone other than the leader, the leader brings this person and his or her contribution to the attention of others. Even more importantly, the leader knows to give thanks for work well done.

When it comes to keep communication flowing, leaders do the following:

  • Remind team members, executives and stakeholders that unfinished items still remain in the pipeline.
  • They offer peace of mind for others knowing a project leader is on top of things
  • They make sure there is accountability to stakeholders.
  • Ongoing communications also provides stakeholders with confidence and trust in a project leader’s abilities.

It takes a village to see a project through, and leaders are willing to bend and yield with changing requirements in order to ensure the best final product results. Leaders welcome new insights, since nobody is perfect and they always want to find ways to keep growing. When mistakes happen, leaders acknowledge them, people learn from them, and then everyone moves on—regardless of who made the mistake.

And yes, leaders know how to conduct meetings that actually matter. They regularly communicate updates to people who stand to be affected and ensure that there is agreement on priorities. And after that? They take a break. Everybody needs a break, even the Rock.

You can view the original slideshow here:

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