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How to Keep IT at the Center of Business

IT enjoys a unique space in the business, having its fingers in many different pies. This wide vision of the business, in addition to its technical knowledge, makes IT an important player in shaping business demand. In an article for the Enterprisers Project, Monsanto CIO James Swanson shares some ways to keep IT at the center of the business.

An Empowered IT

First, get the business leadership together and have IT work as a partner with it. IT’s knowledge and resources can be used to realize new efficiencies in the supply chain or press forward in R&D, for instance. After all, a business always has problems, even if it is only the problem of how to make a great thing even greater. IT may have technology solutions that fit the bill. Additionally, IT might be able to take its expansive vision to discover opportunities for growth and profit that no one else has considered yet. Look to customers and the competition alike for inspiration. The next great advancement is within reach.

However, while you are busy innovating, remember to open up those IT silos and introduce transparency into what you do. Change is about give and take. And lastly, Swanson says that IT should build digital acumen everywhere:

How well are you educating your business partners about the ways they can use technology to run differently? Remember, these are extremely intelligent people with a lot of great ideas. Think of yourself as the bridge between current and higher digital acumen in your company. How could you be running your business differently through predictive analytics, omnichannel marketing, or mobile computing? Get in front of your business colleagues to help them understand the possibilities.

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