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Eye Contact: How Long Is Too Long?

Look away from a person too often and you seem detached or rude. Look the person in the eye too long and you become a creepy psycho. What is the deal? Melinda Wenner Moyer writes for Scientific American sharing a few bits of research on the topic.

A University College London study that used more than 400 volunteers found that 3.2 seconds is the ideal amount of time that you want someone to sustain eye contact with you. (Set your stopwatch.) However, this duration can stretch longer agreeably if the person looking at you seems trustworthy. Longer eye contact could be a sign of stronger intimacy. But before you go eyeing everyone up, here is one more curious stat: “[A 2013 study] reported that people are more likely to change their views on a political issue when they are being challenged by people who do not make eye contact with them. If the challengers had made eye contact, they might have seemed more threatening and less trustworthy.”

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