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Achieving Software Excellence


As of the year 2016 software applications are the main operational component of every major business and government organization in the world. But software quality is still not good for a majority of these applications. Software schedules and costs are both frequently much larger than planned. Cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent and more serious.

This study discusses the proven methods and results for achieving software excellence. The paper also provides quantification of what the term “excellence” means for both quality and productivity. Formal sizing and estimating using parametric estimation tools, excellent progress and quality tracking also using special tools, and a comprehensive software quality program can lead to shorter schedules, lower costs, and higher quality at the same time.

View the full study here at AITS:


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About Capers Jones

Capers Jones is co-founder, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Namcook Analytics LLC. Namcook Analytics builds patent-pending advanced risk, quality, and cost estimation tools.

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