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7 Must-Have Characteristics of IT Talent

To paraphrase KISS, “If you want the best, get the best.” But deciding what the best looks like takes some thinking. In an article for the Enterprisers Project, Anil Cheriyan describes the seven-quality framework they use to assess IT candidates within his business:

  1. Focused on business and partnership
  2. Being a builder/change agent
  3. Being an end-to-end thinker
  4. Accountable
  5. Being a transparent communicator
  6. Performance-minded
  7. Being a talent attractor

IT Was Made for Loving You

IT employees perform IT work, clearly, but understanding how their role fits into the larger business context will help them perform more effectively. It will allow them to be more forward-thinking. This is important because the status quo must always be questioned for better alternatives. Great IT employees will want to foster change, not dread its arrival. In turn, they will inherently take more accountability for the things they do, because the work and the results will matter to them.

About transparent communication, Cheriyan shares this:

In line with being accountable, those who are open ramp up their communications, in particular, when things go wrong. They aggressively strive to understand the cause of the problem, not just patch the symptoms, and this often requires they admit to their faults and missteps in an easy to follow, easy to remediate fashion.

The final aspect Cheriyan considers, that of being a talent attractor, is a unique one. The idea is that he wants to hire people who already come from a network of like-minded individuals, so that in hiring a given person, he or she will become a billboard for more people to come work for the business. It is a polite and more formal version of, “give an inch, take a mile.”

You can view the original article here:

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