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4 Ways to Change Their Minds If the Company Doesn’t Care about IT

With every company being invested in technology to make their organization successful, everyone should be thrilled about what IT has to offer. Unfortunately, not everyone is jumping at the chance to embrace their IT brethren. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels shares four ways to make your company care about IT:

  1. Remain open-minded.
  2. Build a positive track record.
  3. Show how IT problem solves.
  4. Prove the value of change.

Too Good to Ignore

Research indicates that the board is looking for IT leaders that can utilize systems and services to help elevate business profitability. Sixty-three percent of CIOs indicate that projects that make money are a priority. CIOs are on a different side than most board members, and with that in mind they need to push a little harder to illustrate how IT can help the business. Additionally, CIOs need to remain open-minded to the board’s differing opinions.

Networking and building relationships with others in the organization can earn IT some major brownie points. Not everyone will be receptive to IT because change is laden with risk, and people are generally opposed to great risk. What will help IT is to build an excellent track record of exceptional delivery.

The CIO is now the problem solver of the business, according to Richard Corbridge, CIO for Health Service Executive in Ireland. This is a great opportunity for IT to build relationships in the organization. A great amount of the problem resolution comes in with business change facilitated through technology.

According to Andrew Marks, UK and Ireland managing director at Accenture Technology Strategy, “Poor management of IT investments is a board-level responsibility.” When CIOs have “big conversations” with their CFOs and CEOs, they can break the habit of IT coming to the board every few years to ask for a big check. Moving towards variable costs will help everyone to understand the value of change.

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