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Turn Mobile Strategy into a Competitive Advantage

The lure of being connected to the world in the palm of your hand has become so great that mobile devices have almost entirely taken over. This abundant use of mobile devices is pushing CIOs to rethink their investments in mobile technology. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels shares the three areas CIOs need to consider in order to make the most of their mobile investments:

  1. Integrating new ideas
  2. Invest in systems
  3. Make the case for mobile

On-the-Go Integration

People are highly resistant to change, and so adding new mobile technology can be met with adversity, especially parts of the business still utilizing legacy systems. CIOs that are able to tackle this head-on can change things for the better. Think about allowing staff to have trial runs of new technology so that they can become accustomed to it and any bugs can be resolved early on.

Moving the business towards mobility requires CIOs to provide their workers with the platform to “share data and collaborate securely across the organization.” Interim CIO Christian McMahon believes that “IT leaders who match their commitment to mobile with a commitment to the cloud are likely to see the most benefits.” Investing in and utilizing analytics will definitely help the business to make better choices, but not every business will adopt them right away.

There is a need to deliver value as quickly as possible to the greatest number of people: enter mobile. Take for example the impact Babylon Health has made. Babylon Health is a mobile healthcare app that allows for users to have virtual consultations with doctors and healthcare professionals. This is an especially prominent advancement for companies that have limited physical hospitals for their patients to go to.

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