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How Much Do Qualifications Really Matter in Tech Jobs

Everyone wants the candidate that is the most qualified in their field. But in the technology field, qualifications can become obsolete before a candidate even completes them. So how can industries address this problem and still have employees with cutting-edge skills? In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels discusses the qualifications that IT should be looking into. There are four things IT should keep in mind about qualifications:

  1. Technical skills are only one part.
  2. Have standards that help to develop.
  3. Prove your capabilities.
  4. Understand how IT improves business.

Where It Counts

Technical skills are obviously extremely important in the IT industry, and candidates need to possess the correct technical competencies to even be considered for a job. However, technical skills are only a facet of what a well-rounded candidate should be capable of. What about a person’s mindset, or their attitude? These are important factors to consider before extending a person a job offer.

Everything that a leader does today is helping to shape the leaders of tomorrow. Companies can help to further develop their own employees and the employees of the future by establishing standards to help and encourage development. IT is constantly changing, but the industry could vastly benefit from developing a handful of core competencies that every employee should have.

Especially in the IT industry, experience is the factor that sets candidates apart, and it is the one to best further your career. According to Brad Dowden, CIO at Airswift, “You don’t need formal qualifications – it’s all about proving you know what you’re doing.” Those who repeatedly exhibit talent are the ones who will climb the ladder to the top of the fields.

IT most definitely has the potential to improve the value of the business, and so it is up to IT to prove this. IT professionals need to stay up to date about the current IT transformations and the new technologies that will be transforming the industry.

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