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How to Break the News That Big IT Transformation Is Coming

People are traditionally hesitant when it comes to change, especially big change that will entirely uproot their comfortable existence. So it can be a challenge to be the one who has to share with the big-shots that immense IT transformation is in order. In an article for The Enterprisers Project, Brian Beams shares five personal tips that have helped him break the news that change is coming:

  1. Do not sugarcoat it.
  2. Define the program.
  3. Balance the negativity.
  4. Be clear in explanations.
  5. Align with reality.

Tell the Truth

Sugarcoating the truth to try and make things go over better with individuals is no way to handle a situation, especially in IT. People need the cold hard truth. Make sure to tell the board specifics, like how long the project will take or where the company is truly at in the change process.

Before a project begins, it is vital to have people invested in its success and express their approval of the change. Once approval is reached, it is time to outline the phases of the project and determine exactly how to achieve results. Beams suggests being logical and slowing down, because the project will ultimately finish faster and with better results.

One way to break the fear or hesitation of change is to express the wonderful benefits the change will bring. It is important to balance the negativity of change with the positivity of great results. Never wait until the end of a project to explain the entire change process to employees. Instead, explain to them the changes along the way, and be clear about their role. This will help to set up the project for success from the beginning.

Taking the time to build into the plans the ability to speed up and slow down will help for the change to align with the business’s reality. For example, if business becomes slow, it is great to be able to pull back on spending and invest in the most important business functions.

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