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3 Realities about Managing Millennials

Anyone who tries to typecast a whole generation of people is going to have a bad time, so let’s stop pretending we can stereotype millions of people and instead look at a few general trends among Millennials. In an article for The Muse, Emily Disston touches upon three things that are more likely to occur with Millennial employees. The first is that they are more prone to ask about the “whys” of new work they receive; they want to understand the specific value that will be created. This could be a healthy behavior if it results in discussions about how to generate even more value. A second trend is that Millennials are often more straightforward about their desire to get out of cubicles, to ascend the ranks of an organization. At the very least, they want to feel a sense of ownership over the work they do in their current position. And lastly, Millennials are prone to wanting feedback on their work more often. They want to know they are doing the right things before it is too late to fix mistakes.

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