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How to Hire for Emotional Intelligence

Have you hopped on the emotional bandwagon and seek to hire accordingly? In an article for Harvard Business Review, Annie McKee shares some dos and don’ts for measuring a person’s emotional intelligence (EI). Starting with the don’ts, avoid trying to use personality tests as a measure of EI, because they likely will only measure factors tangential to EI. Likewise, do not use a self-report test, as they defeat the purpose; a person who is not self-aware will not give accurate feedback about his or her EI, and a person who is self-aware may exaggerate EI.

As for dos, actually talk to the references whom they provide, so that you can ask pointed questions that get at the heart of the candidates’ competencies. To really gauge a person’s EI during an interview, you can use “behavioral event interviewing.” This consists of asking a person to tell a brief work story about a challenge where they succeeded, followed by a story where they failed but learned from it, followed by a second success story. In each case, you would follow up with a multitude of very specific questions to learn about the person’s EI. Frankly, the way she describes the process sounds a little too hippy-ish for me, but if it works for you, go for it.

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