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What Can Simulation Training Do for ITSM?

A huge reason why ITSM is such an asset to an organization is that it is a support structure, but ITSM can be much more than that. In a post for SITS Community 360, CTO for G2G3 Glenn Exton elaborates on how to push ITSM into a greater innovator role.

Imagining Success

When an organization makes the decision to make a big change, one of the first things they must agree upon is who gets to sit at the grown-ups table to discuss the change. It would be wise for the organization to elect to have an ITSM leader; however, ITSM is too often left out in the cold. According to Exton, “It is only the very enlightened CEO who looks to their IT operations team as key elements of any business strategy – and that isn’t the fault of the CEOs.”

It is unfortunate, but typically IT is only acknowledged for their capabilities when the organization has a problem that IT needs to amend. IT is seen to have function that enables the organization to do well, not functions that lead in the innovation revolution. Vijay Govindarajan proposes that ITSM methodologies have three figurative “boxes”: preservation, destruction, and creation. Most people are quick to acknowledge ITSM preservation functions, but they fail to see how ITSM can additionally destroy and create.

Simulation learning can help to bring these other two “boxes” into the minds of senior management. This type of learning is utilized to introduce people to the practices ITSM can offer. Some organizations that have used this learning style have been pleased to discover that they better understand their organization and the processes they use. Simulation learning provides senior management with an entirely new perspective on ITSM in one of the most time-efficient ways.

If ITSM wants to be taken seriously as a pivotal member of the organization, they need to give the organization a reason to believe that ITSM can lead innovative actions. You can read the original post here:

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