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6 Ways to Disagree with Senior Management

Sometimes those in power can be unyielding in their vision, which can be a problem if you are convinced their vision is all wrong. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Priscilla Claman addresses six ways to shift their gaze. Before anything else, ensure that you have the good of the organization in mind with your perspective and that you are not just being self-serving. After that, make sure you are right, particularly since senior people tend to have access to more information than you do. Share your perspective with colleagues to gather their feedback and confirm that your reasoning is sound. Then formalize that argument into a brief presentation supported with facts and graphs. Find an expert that senior managers would find credible to go over your findings and validate them. And if the senior person is still stubborn, try to get either a friend of that person or someone of similar power to make the case for you. People are always more inclined to listen to their buddies.

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