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4 Habits to Pick Up to Be Well Liked at Work

“Emotional intelligence” (EI) is all the rage for a reason—it matters. Aja Frost shares four habits for The Muse to improve EI and become the toast of the cubicles. The first habit to embody is thoughtful pauses. When someone approaches you with big news, especially the bad kind, you should pause to assess both of your emotional states and consider which words would best improve the situation. A related habit is to empathize as much as possible with a person who is approaching you with anxiety or hostility, as the person may not have a grievance with you specifically. Try to consider that the person might be facing difficulties of which you are currently unaware. A third habit is to reflect during the day on your mood and what factors have contributed to that mood; you will find patterns over time about what makes you feel better or worse, and you can adjust how you work accordingly. A final habit is to ask bountiful questions about how colleagues are doing. They will likely open up to you, and you will learn more about them. You can view the full article here:

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