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How the Right Thinking Inspires CIO ‘Light Bulb’ Moments

Wouldn’t it be truly wonderful if we could tap into the full potential of our brains and inspire more of those helpful “light bulb” moments? In an article for Information Age, Ron Avignone explores the brain, that most valuable human asset.

The first step in maximizing brainpower is to minimize the amount of “weak light bulb moments.” There are likely a plethora of missed opportunities because a person was not optimally using their brain to come up with the best innovative idea. By devoting and encouraging curiosity, learning, strategy, execution, and even worry, brighter light bulb moments will surely be on the horizon.

Encouraging curiosity means allowing for people to ask important, relevant questions. The technology executives have to do a lot of strategic thinking, and their asking questions will help them to better understand what the business needs from them. One of the most valuable questions that a person can ask themselves is: “What do I believe to be true that isn’t?” It is rather common for people to hold onto ideas that they believe to be true, even if these beliefs are hindering their way of thinking. Why is this true? Is there evidence? The truth needs to be concrete, or success will never occur.

Leaders are under the added pressure of needing to keep on top of development in their respective industries. However, taking the time to learn and grow about these developments during work hours may not be the best time to invest in the quest for knowledge. Taking the time during the weekends or in the evenings will allow for better focus and retention of the knowledge.

Once a CIO understands how their brain works, they can more efficiently use their brain to inspire the best, brightest light bulb moments. You can read the original article here:

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