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7 Easy Tricks to Kill Innovation on Your Team

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is pushing for innovation, and further exploration of the world. But who really wants to constantly improve? In a post for Voices on Project Management, Vivek Prakash reveals the secrets for killing innovation once and for all. There are seven ways to kill innovation:

  1. Focus on the here and now.
  2. Impatience
  3. Always keep the team busy as bees.
  4. Maintain order.
  5. Stay safe.
  6. Never listen.
  7. Only reward the best ideas.

Death to Creativity

Make sure you never allow for your team to look into the future; this will inspire innovative thought. They need to narrow in on the here and now, especially because the quarter is what matters most to the CEO. All the same, patience is for the lazy, passive leader. Any project that is ultimately going to take time to deliver is not worth it. In spite of that, from the time they clock in until the time they clock out, your employees should be working diligently. Always ensure that they have things to do, maybe even more tasks than they can accomplish.

Order is established to prevent chaos. Always be sure that your team is abiding by your rules and following what is needed to complete the process. If they deviate from the proposed order, they are wrong, because this is a sign of the dreaded innovative thought. Deviating from the norm brings a lot of risks to the table. Do you really want to chance something dreadful occurring?

Anyone who comes to you with a new idea on how to handle a project is only trying to encourage innovative thoughts. Always reject new ideas as the ridiculous things that they are. Remember, rewards are not supposed to be handed out all the time; this is not elementary soccer! The only ideas that are even worthy of rewards are the best of the best. Additionally, they should not even be rewarded until their idea has been recognized by an outside agency.

Innovation should be thoroughly dead by now, but just in case, you can read the original post here:

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