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3 Ways to Advance Your Project Management Career Now

Are you looking to further advance your project management career? The key is to stand out from the crowd of people looking to accomplish the same thing. In an article for, Brad Egeland shares some of his “right” ways to advance your project management career. There are three things you can do now that will help you to build a better career for tomorrow:

  1. Accept challenges.
  2. Get to know the executive team.
  3. Network amongst other project managers.

It is vital that you are open and willing to accept new challenges that may come your way, but that does not mean you must accept all challenges. Take a step back and truly analyze if this new project is going to help you and if you can feasibly accomplish it. Will this project really help you get to where you want to go?

Knowing the executive team can help you better accomplish your goals for today, but the networking helps you build a career for tomorrow as well. Having your CEO know your name, under most circumstances, is a very good thing. Perhaps you can involve the CEO, or other executives, in some of your project meetings so they can really see you shine in action. When new positions or opportunities arise, the team will have you on their mind and may just suggest you for a promotion. They may be more willing to help you if a problem arises too; knowing people in high places can only help you.

Networking with other project managers can help you to branch out and gain other positions. If they know who you are and know how skilled you are in your field, they are likely to recommend you when opportunities arise. There are even organizations specifically for networking opportunities, such as the Project Management Institute of course.

These tips might sound simple, but can you say you are truly putting all possible effort into doing all three of these? You can read the original article:

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