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6 Oversights That Hold Leaders Back

In an article for Lifehack, Adam Smith (probably not the The Wealth of Nations guy) touches upon six oversights that stop leaders from enabling the business to do its best work. The first problem is when leaders deny that problems exist for the sake of avoiding confrontation. Another problem is keeping all the power and not delegating, which results in burnout for the leader and boredom or disengagement for employees. Third, leaders may not have a fully formed vision; leaders must understand what is important to them in the business, why it is important, and which strategy will enable goals to be reached, and then be able to convey that to the team. Fourth, if creativity and innovation are not priorities for the business, then stagnation is an immediate result. Fifth, leaders might not take full advantage of the people they have working right there with them. They should always be looking for additional, trustworthy insights into a situation. Likewise, leaders should take the time to build personal relationships with their team. If the relationship is strictly business, how much cohesion can really exist?

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