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Who Really Makes the Decisions about IT Projects?

A major component of a CIO’s job is to help the organization use their technology to its fullest. However, no leader works alone, and the CIO should be engaging with their peers to make the best decisions for the organization. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels explores some of the best practices CIOs can engage in.

Division of Decisions

A CIO’s word may be pretty final when it comes to an issue of infrastructure, but not so much about the actual application development; this is something end-users should have a major say in. While the organization use to come to the IT professionals with great ideas, there has been a switch and IT is more engaged in decision-making from the beginning.

CIOs remain to be perceived as technology experts; however, they need to transition to additionally be “commercially astute.” There is no one executive that has more sway than any other, but there should be debate in C-suite meetings. Those who are able to illustrate picturesque stories to their peers are the executives who are most powerful in meetings.

Despite a demanding CEO asking for IT to deliver projects better, faster, and cheaper, the CIO needs to have a backbone and know when to say “no.” IT cannot do everything at once, and rather than a CIO’s automatic “yes,” they should be more inclined to take a step back and really analyze whether they can deliver what the CEO is demanding.

Oftentimes, peers hold some great insight. Consulting with other executives allows for a collaborative effort that often can produce better results for the company. If there is an issue with a specific aspect of technology that overlaps with someone else’s expertise, ask them what they think is the best solution. Working together helps to focus the team on the intended end result.

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