How to Use Body Language in a Persuasive Speech

Your body can say a lot about you beyond your metabolism and attitude toward exercise. It can be used as a tool to more effectively convey your ideas too. In a post at his website, public speaker Gary Genard explains how body language informs persuasive speaking.

The Body of Knowledge

He offers separate sets of tips depending on the occasion. When standing up to speak, ground yourself with legs at armpit width, only start walking around if there is a new point to emphasize, make limited hand gestures intended to emphasize major points, and be mindful of your facial expressions. When sitting down to speak, sit up straight, learn forward to indicate engagement, keep your hands and arms open to signify openness, and do remember to make hand gestures as the situation calls for it. And when speaking virtually (even via phone), move as you would during a standing presentation, keep your vocal energy high, and ask questions so as to get a pulse on the audience when you cannot rely on visual cues for their comprehension. For more tips, and for tips on what you can learn from the audience’s body language, you can view the full post here:

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