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7 Things Really Persuasive People Do

Your ideas are just awesome on a scale that would embarrass even Einstein. Now you only have to convince everyone else of it. Kevin Daum writes for Inc. with tips to win over colleagues to your way of thinking.

The Mind Meld

Persuasive people know to pick their battles and not be selling their philosophy on people constantly. Some battles are so small as to not be worth the energy to win, so acquiescence might be best for both parties. Persuasive people also listen to other people for three specific things: how receptive people are to their point of view, what specific objections they have to that point of view, and points of agreement between them both which can be exploited as a foundation for further consensus. Real empathy for the other person’s position is crucial at any rate. When dissenting opinions make a valid point, persuasive people acknowledge it in order to maintain credibility. Trying to wear a person down through lengthy gabbing generally does not work, so instead, craft arguments that are carefully supported and follow them up with “closing questions.” In effect, these questions are seemingly decided to box someone into a corner with your logic, and so the first person to speak after such a question could be deemed the “loser.” Ultimately though, persuasive people know that they often do not need to win a person over all at once, and so a slow-and-steady approach over time can work too.

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