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Users Left to Their Own Devices: Super Duper Users to the Rescue?

When users have an insufficient understanding of basic information systems, business performance suffers, and there are surprising statistics to back this notion up. In a post for All Things ITSM, Mark Smalley explores this discrepancy and provides a solution to combat this dastardly villain.

Users as Losers

In a study conducted by the Dutch University of Twente, it was uncovered that 8 percent of business productivity is lost because of problems with the use of information systems. This study also concluded that users’ IT skills are not properly vetted; an alarming 71 percent are not scrutinized for basic IT skills, and managers do not have a solid grasp on their teams’ IT skills.

The employees have a lackluster faith in themselves. Twenty-five percent believe that their IT skills are not up to par, and 61 percent are unsure whether there is formal training available to them. Only 31 percent of users can solve their own problems, and yet half of users will not go to the help desk for assistance. An investment in better training–with a focus on people specifically with a lower knowledge level–is the remedy.

Employees need to transform from mere mortals into “super duper users,” being able to not only solve their own problems but also get proactive about saving coworkers’ day. If more people were assigned a role designed to solely monitor usage, this could become a reality. People are set in their ways and too often are not inclined to experiment with innovative ways to use applications, but a user in a dedicated helping side-role could change that. Move from simply using information systems to actually using the information. Be aware of the quality of the information.

Do not fall victim to the productivity loss by poor use of information systems! You can read the original post here:

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