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Stress Management: 5 Ways to Relax at Work

Amy Levin-Epstein writes for CBS MoneyWatch with five practical tips to relax at work without developing a closeted drinking habit. Does this sound good to you?

Sobriety in All Things

Drinking herbal tea—not liquor—can calm you down, and chamomile extract particularly has been linked to relieving stress. If your desk is a mess, clean it up, as it will in turn reduce distractions and help you locate items you need faster. Do the same thing to your bag or briefcase, as it is kind of like a portable desk. Back at the office though, perform a stretch, perhaps the “kick-back log-on pose,” to relax your body and your mind. And lastly, go ahead and look at some stupid YouTube videos or .gifs now and then. Crack a smile.

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