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Getting Drunk on ITSM Processes

Sometimes, ITSM processes leave people feeling angry and bitter, which is the exact opposite effect they should have. ITSM processes were designed in an effort to make lives easier, not more complicated. In a post for All Things ITSM, Michael Keeling explores why these processes are having such an adverse effect.

IT Inebriation

Just like alcohol causes detrimental problems of control and causes more harm than good, processes can do the same. In order to implement a process properly, there needs to be a certain level of control and compliance with regulations. However, too many businesses have less control over their processes than they think. They are simply utilizing the wrong parameters and misaligning. There is also the issue of having too many processes. A process can be highly useful and it is easy to jump on board with the idea that infinite processes will make lives infinitely better. But when a process is put in place where it is not needed, then it is producing waste, something that no business wants nor can afford.

There is a tendency to continue to use a process, even when it continually causes problems, because it is comfortable to stick with routine. Using a process despite the harm it may be causing can cause even greater problems, or even worse, bankruptcy. And sometimes there is a problem that needs addressing that is not properly attended to. Before making everyone’s workload heavier and pushing for faster results, analyze the actual cause of the problem.

One more problem is this idea of “shadow processes” or: “the activities people perform instead of an actual process that is (at least perceived to be) too cumbersome, restrictive or bureaucratic.” It is important to have continual improvement in place so that people can suggest better solutions rather than simply bypassing the process altogether.

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