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Developing Leaders Who Excel at Strategy Execution

A good idea in theory may not pan out well in actuality. What often distinguishes a good leader from a great leader is the ability to execute an idea optimally. In a post for PM Hut, Richard Lepsinger elaborates on how to mold leaders into masters of execution.

Hitting the Homers

Projects will always skew from the intended path at one point or another, but it is imperative that the leaders are able to be flexible when facing these obstacles. They should also be action-oriented, meaning that they are able to take a practical approach and handle a problem effectively. They need to excel at problem-solving, as well as be quick and decisive when it comes to making decisions. They should look towards results and fully comprehend what is deemed most vital. Leaders must also possess the ability to lead cross-functional teams despite the lack of perceived authority.

Before you can adequately address the company’s lack of leadership, you need to conduct assessments of the current leaders. Do they have the skills required to execute plans effectively and efficiently? Plans for succession should account for this and take into consideration potentials’ ability to execute strategy in a manner that will be effective.

Understanding where the company stands can help dictate where they need to go. Uncover executives’ weaknesses and help train better to embellish what needs polishing. Most skills are learned on the job, so if someone does not seem to possess that special something today, that does not mean they will never be able to develop it. In fact, 70 percent of learning actually takes place directly on the job, with another 20 percent of that from coaching and 10 percent from the traditional classroom training.

Being an effective leader is not something that always comes naturally to a person, but it can be acquired. The company can reap the benefits.

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