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6 LinkedIn Tips to Make Your Profile Pop

LinkedIn is an exceptionally helpful platform by which to grow one’s career, but despite that fact, it is entirely underutilized. In an article for, Matt Kapko expands on the tips provided directly by LinkedIn to achieve more value.

Tips to Transform Your Profile

  1. Make the most of your profile.
  2. Do not be shy.
  3. Join a group.
  4. Keep an eye on who views your profile.
  5. Maintain quality.
  6. Find your voice.

Your profile is the first impression a future employer has of you, and it should be an accurate and compelling compilation of “you.” Organize it well so that it appears in searches and opportunities are not missed. Have a professional photo of yourself, a captivating headline, and a good summary of all of your experience. Any of these elements can be edited later on, but they are all important additions to make immediately.

LinkedIn is a social networking place and no one should feel the need to be reserved. Be bold and network! Build the connections that will help further your career. Make connections and do not be afraid to utilize them. Likewise, joining a group can help to build your reputation. You can exchange knowledge and tips with other professionals as well as get your name out there to increase traffic to your own page, which could create more opportunities for yourself.

LinkedIn allows for users to see who is viewing their page, which allows for more connections to be made. Keep an eye on who views your page and allow for others to see when you view theirs. Granted, it is not about the quantity of connections on LinkedIn, but rather the quality of those connections. You want a group of people who know you, respect you, and can go to bat for you and explain why you are a fabulous candidate.

LinkedIn does not just illustrate your capabilities. It is a platform to share and perfect your voice. Show the world who you are and publish posts that showcase your professional abilities. For more, you can read the original article here:

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