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4 Tips to Take Better Breaks at Work

The break is the desert oasis of the workday. Jordan Rosenfeld provides four tips at Mental Floss to make the best of your time out of the sand.

Quench Your Thirst

First, take a break in the mid-morning, before lunch. This is because you have the most energy in the morning, and when you take an earlier break, you better preserve more of that valuable energy to be used in the afternoon. Second, employees best enjoy their breaks when they get to enjoy them on their own terms—meaning employees set the time and decide what fun thing they would like to do. Third, people who take more breaks experience less physical discomfort, more job satisfaction, and are more likely to want to help other employees succeed. Finally, it could be a good idea to take multiple small breaks throughout the day, perhaps as a way of always holding a carrot out in front of yourself.

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