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Should Managers Organize Fun at Work?

Is fun really a thing you need to organize? Does it fall on the manager’s plate to guarantee everybody is having a riot of a time? In a short article for Inc., Alison Green thinks the answer could be “nope.”

Figure Out Fun Yourself

Having a monthly movie at the office could be pretty cool, sure, and happy feelings generally translate into higher productivity. Green however points out that true work prosperity does not come as a result of a couple fun HR events. Rather, it comes from things like having a reasonable and competent boss, good pay and benefits, and colleagues who can be trusted. No amount of ice cream will make up for a boss who cannot be bothered to remember anyone’s names. And if a business is on hard economic times, trying to inspire the employees with big social events during work hours could backfire; if things are already bad, it might make everybody nervous to know they are spending even more hours not being productive enough by having a party.

Fun is a balancing act, and not always one you have to get involved in yourself. You can read the full article here:

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