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8 Easy Ways to Have More Fun at Work

Happy employees are more productive employees, which means a little fun now and then could spell big long-term gains. Jacquelyn Smith shares eight tips for more fun in an article for Business Insider.

She’ll Have Fun, Fun, Fun

Some fun traditions will just crop up all on their own, and you should embrace them when they happen; the example given is that a bunch of office coworkers enjoy surprising each other with Diet Coke. (It is all about the little things, I suppose.) When work is getting particularly hectic, take a timeout for a couple minutes to just walk and talk with colleagues. Make each other laugh and express gratitude and compliments for the work and ideas people are contributing. In general, coworkers will enjoy when you drop by for a second, as long as you are not that annoying person who never leaves. When you are stuck at your cube though, pretty it up with things that are meaningful to you and ignite your passion and imagination. And of course, if the company offers a sports team or a club of some kind, consider joining. You could be the Honus Wagner of the company softball team.

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