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6 Ways to Beat Social Anxiety in Business Meetings

Meetings are stuffy, energy-sapping places. For those who have a hard time dealing with people in the first place, this can be a rough time. Chloe Carmichael writes an article for The Huffington Post with six tips to make it to the end.

Talk Your Way Out

Prepare for the meeting in advance with a few bullet points’ worth of information you would like to contribute, so you have a structure in place to support you. Seek out an ally who will be in the meeting and will back up your ideas. Take notes on what other people say when you do not have the floor, writing down short phrases that will trigger your memory for when you do have the floor; then you can respond to all the pertinent points raised. Look for natural moments when you can piggyback on what others are saying too, as in offering an idea of your own when it aligns with what someone else is already saying. When the meeting is over, follow up with people in email reiterating your position, to remind them that you are making the effort to contribute. Lastly, remember that practice makes perfect, so the more meetings you suffer through, the more capable you will ultimately become.

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