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12 Ways Project Management Is Evolving According to Gartner

Are IT and business en route to become the next Bonnie and Clyde, taking the world by storm? In this data age, the answer is yes. Writing for Business 2 Community, Alexandra Levit elaborates on Gartner research VP Michael Hanford’s observations for the intertwining of these two fields in the years to come. A whole dozen insights have come from it:

  1. Reorganized IT spending
  2. Professions will disappear.
  3. Alliances will be built.
  4. Movement from software delivery to business change
  5. Increasing versatility
  6. Social, ephemeral teams
  7. Complexity
  8. There are no one-size-fits-all project solutions.
  9. Everyone is a project manager.
  10. Strategic PMOs
  11. Rapid data analysis
  12. Integration is king.

Smarter Spending, Evolutionary Steps

As it stands presently, 37 percent of IT-related spending actually takes place outside of the IT department, and this number is to slowly increase. Within the next couple years, the spending will be a 50/50 split between IT and business. There will not be so clean a change when it comes to the job market. By 2050, robots will have finally taken over, and one-third of white collar jobs will be automated.

Enterprise IT has been through evolutionary stages and is currently in its third: platformization. This step will focus on business models, markets, and alliances. The hope is that innovation will be inspired and “frenemy” collaborations will be abundant. In today’s world, the endgame is to implement meaningful change. It is no longer enough to have the “best” practices; project management is pushing for driving change and removing complexity. Nonetheless, 20 percent of projects are deemed to be “complex,” and increasing complexity will demand an increasing pace of change. Ultimately, project management success will be dependent upon versatility. Leaders will need to possess good leadership skills, strong relationships, and the right contacts.

Reinventing Team Roles

The digital world has inspired project management teams to be social. Teams will see their participants in a virtual environment and have short-term goals that when accomplished will indicate the end of the team. It used to be common to reuse past practices and solutions that were successful on other projects on a current project, but that is all to change. Every project will be like a first, no other experience like it. They will also rarely have a defined endpoint.

The overwhelming number of projects pushing project managers to be stretched too far will drive every line of business manager to possess the project management skill set. There will be less need for full-time devoted project managers as a result. Likewise, strategic PMOs and EPMOs will break free of their mere “existing” phase and finally develop the maturity to deliver real value to the business. They will help to inspire senior management to set goals and follow through on them, and skill sets will be easily accessible and able to be called upon quickly.

Computers will grow into beasts, able to provide faster, more intelligent data analysis, along with alternatives to execute in the short time frame. And lastly, there shall be large changes in program management, such that rather than calling for new code to be written, there will be a movement towards utilizing existing IT components and putting them together.

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