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Why Your Boss Lacks Emotional Intelligence

In an article for Forbes, Travis Bradberry shares the insights he discovered in surveying the “emotional intelligence” of organizations. At the risk of sounding like clickbait, the results were surprising.

Ha, Made Ya Click!

As it turns out, supervisors and middle managers scored the highest by a considerable margin, effectively meaning they are the most empathetic and most capable at working directly with people. Beyond manager though, the average emotional intelligence (abbreviated improbably as EQ) plummets, reaching its lowest point at the CEO. Nonetheless, the most effective leaders in a given role are still the ones with the highest EQ score, even at the CEO level. Some reasons why people with low EQ get promoted are due to tenure, or because they demonstrate a breadth of knowledge that they are not necessarily good at using to inspire others.

Bradberry has a few quick tips to improve your EQ score. Actively acknowledge other people’s feelings, so that they do not feel marginalized. Objectively assess how you react to situations and understand which emotions come into play. Get rid of dismissive “negative self-talk,” including words like “never” and “worst,” which tend to invite unfair generalizations. And lastly, get some sleep. Sleep is really important.

You can read the original article here:

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