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3 Technology Skills Needed to Deliver in a Customer-Obsessed Organization

As a Forrester article recognizes, years of hyper-charged outsourcing efforts have stripped the options of IT management organizations down to the necessities. At the same time, ever-evolving technologies have put the customer in control of IT. Sharyn Leaver discusses how the CIO can join forces with the CMO to scrape together an incredible digital experience for customers. It comes down to three core activities.

3 Skills of the Customer-Obsessed

  1. Software
  2. Analytics
  3. Experience Design

It goes without saying that any business calling itself “digital” will need to make development and delivery of software its chief concern. This all translates to more skills – in Agile methods, in product management, in continuous delivery, and to the appropriate scale.

The truly customer-focused organization will turn every insight into data so that decisions can be made from the customer’s point of view. Data scientists and data engineers are your go-to hires for this deep plunge into analytics. Your organization’s CMO may already be employing customer insight pros to partner with for more in-depth results.

With valuable insights into customer behavior, one can then craft a customized digital experience for users. But that will require something akin to “customer journey mapping expertise.” Walking in the customer’s shoes can lead to new applications, locating gaps in current systems, upgraded tech, and new project priorities. Leaver writes:

Despite your best efforts, top talent is sometimes simply too hard for even large enterprises to attract and afford. The challenge of making simple, intuitive digital experiences that front complex systems of engagement will stretch the abilities and swamp the resources of many firms.

In the absence of true talent, the CIO must prepare to substitute with new platforms, third-parties, and creative development approaches that make use of existing staff. In terms of hiring, don’t fear the unconventional. There are hackathons, incubators, digital labs, and open APIs to fuel your secret crowdsourcing addiction.

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