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3 Tips for Committing to and Accomplishing Business Goals

Citing information from a book by Linda Formichelli, Larry Bernstein writes with three quick tips to get where you want to be in business. The first is to “check in with yourself,” as in policing yourself. Schedule regular intervals where you can just pause and decide if the work you are doing is furthering your goals. Second, “overwhelm your goals with sheer numbers.” If there is something you critically want, dump all available resources into it, even if that resource is merely your free time. And third, just hire more help, if you can only push the wheel up the hill so far by yourself. For further elaboration on these three tips, you can read the full post here:

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John Friscia is the Editor of Computer Aid's Accelerating IT Success. He began working for Computer Aid, Inc. in 2013 and continues to provide graphic design support for AITS. He graduated summa cum laude from Shippensburg University with a B.A. in English.

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