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How Office Friendships Affect the Business Bottom Line

The U.S. Department of Labor finds that we spend an hour more working on a given weekday than we do sleeping, and we consequently spend more time with coworkers than family. Andre Lavoie explains in an article for Entrepreneur that building friendships at work creates happier, more motivated employees. He then lists a few ways to ensure employees have the most opportunities to become friends. For starters, peers must be able to trust each other and express mutual respect. Set up mentorship possibilities among them too. Encourage people to share meaningful milestones in their lives, like marriage. Do whatever is possible to scrub out a dramatic, high school atmosphere. And if you really want a measurable metric, consider polling employees for how often they associate with each other outside of work, to really know how buddy-buddy they have become.

You can read Lavoie’s full article here:

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