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5 Tips to Make an Office Romance Work

Considering how much time you spend at work, it makes perfect sense you might find a special someone there. And yes, there are ways to keep work romance professional. Amy Levin-Epstein writes for CBS MoneyWatch with five tips to remember before you get too lovey-dovey.

Five Cupid Arrows

Above all else, date with discretion. Sending romantic emails or instant messages over the work network makes you look like a couple of time-wasting goofballs, not respectable professionals, and there will be a paper trail for all of it. Keep your private life as genuinely private as possible, lest a bad breakup goes public and, subsequently, nuclear. Likewise, always keep your expense accounts separate, to minimize the possibility that you are accused of using company money for romantic endeavors. As the relationship continues, quickly confirm that you have real, tangible interests outside of work, or else your fling is doomed to fail. Lastly, when it comes to office parties, it is perfectly okay to act like two real people in a real relationship. Just do not get plastered, do not knock over furniture making out, and do not give anybody a story that will haunt you two for years to come.

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