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IT Strategic Vision: No More Eye-Rolling

Every ITSM program needs a compelling strategic vision. Put simply, ITSM is change management is organizational change. But in this case, the truth is that the ideal seldom matches the reality. Greg Sanker argues at ITSM Transition that “strategic” and “vision” will get lost in translation from the executive suite to the main office in the absence of actual change.

Talk is Cheap

That leads us to a problem with leadership. Leadership has a problem, you say? Well, it does. Not in the sense that there’s anything wrong with the new change initiative being pushed through, but in the sense that simply talking change isn’t going to convince a soul:

All this talk about what seems like a far away and very different future is just that: far away. At least to those who have been living this reality for a long time, and doing quite well – thank you very much… The more people don’t ‘get it’, the harder leadership tries to explain it in a misguided effort to get them to see it… It’s a catch 22 that has a dangerous downside. Irrelevance.

The more leadership promotes a change initiative without enacting the change, the less credibility they have as leaders, and the vicious cycle continues until authority becomes essentially defunct.

Start Eating…Small Bites

The solution, says Sanker, is to start with the end in mind. This means you’ll want to start with the strategic vision, but then immediately launch into the actual change. The meal, of course, is better taken in small bites until the workforce gets acquainted with the new flavor of things. In this case, you’ll be happy to trade open resistance for potential inertia.

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