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Common Second Career Mistakes

An article at The Wall Street Journal collects insights from several executives to help you avoid the pitfalls that come with starting a second career. Here are the highlights.

Advice for the Road

Natalie Caine, owner of Empty Nest Support Services and Life in Transition, says to take it slow, as if going on a first date. Decide where your passion is, what sort of work could come from it, and then take every single necessary step of preparation before executing on your idea. Bud Hebeler, former president of Boeing Co.’s aerospace division, warns people to be prepared to get laid off anyway, because regardless of anything else, new workers are the first to go if downsizing should occur. Geriatric psychiatrist Marc Agronin says not to start a new career that looks too much like the old one, lest you attempt to apply your old, possibly outdated practices in a new job. Molly Mettler, senior vice president at Healthwise Inc., lists a few mistakes retirees make, which include: doing something for money over joy, thinking that love of a hobby will make for an easy career, assuming your spouse shares your passion, assuming you can raise capital from friends and family, and thinking you can dabble in a second career without ever going the whole way. Finally, CEO Marc Freedman recommends that you do not try to reinvent yourself, and that you understand that a full transition takes time.

You can read the full article here:

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