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CIOs Fear Losing Market Share to More Tech ‘Adept’ Rivals

Businesses are dealing with digital disruption in lots of different ways. Outsourcing particularly is on the rise, but not for the reason you might expect. A CBR article by James Nunns attempts to divine the fate of the companies who feel most vulnerable to these changing times.

The Age of Fallen Giants?

As CIOs scramble to co-create new business models and to race new products and services to market, it is the largest companies that appear to suffer from the era of disruption. Or perhaps it is the perception of struggle that leaves corporate giants feeling skittish. According to one report, only 17% of large companies feel confident that they can keep pace with disruption, in contrast to 35% of small organizations who report a similar conviction.

A Race to Outpace

CEO Albert Ellis of the Harvey Nash Group is surprised at the measurable pace of disruptive trends:

“We have never seen demand for a skill to expand so quickly as we have for big data analytics. As technology increasingly becomes focused on the customer, the IT, marketing and operations teams are working together in new ways…Sometimes it creates friction, uncertainty and skills challenges…”

Equally interesting is the reaction to this rapid change. A yawning skills gap needs to be filled, and at least half of all CIOs are choosing to outsource their missing talent – not to save money, as is the customary motive for outsourcing, but to access a workforce capable of delivering on the unfolding requirements of digitalization.

Internal Transformation

Comments Lisa Heneghan of KPMG in the UK, CIOs needs to focus on restructuring their operational model to support digitalization, rather than racing to recruit external talent in an attempt to outpace rivals. The digital future may be unfolding fast, but the fate of large enterprise rests on its ability to transform sustainably and from within.

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