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Business as Un-Usual for Customer-Obsessed CIOs

As Forrester Chief Business Technology Officer Steve Peltzman sees it, the most important thing about delivering quality service is the needs of the customer. That’s why Peltzman and his team are committed to measuring their performance against a rigorous Customer Experience Index (CX Index). In a blog post for Forrester, he offers advice for any outfit that is as customer-obsessed as his is.

Common Roadblocks & Ready Solutions

Despite all the dedication and honest commitment, Peltzman and his team face many common roadblocks to service. For instance, the persistence of over-customized legacy infrastructure and limited budgets plague even his openly customer-oriented group. Luckily, he’s an executive at one of the world’s top IT research companies. So, with a wink and a nod, he gained access to the information and contacts he needed to get his team on the right track.

After reading Forrester analyst James McQuivey’s book Digital Disruption and meeting with him, my team and I were inspired to take a very deliberate and different approach than we’ve tried before. We started our own innovation program, and we did it with hardly any budget and without hiring new resources or re-dedicated existing ones.

Fire with Fire

The overall approach taken by Peltzman and his team might be characterized as “fighting fire with fire.” They utilized crowdsourcing and went for the free or cheap tools and app exchange add-ons. They partnered with the small “hungry” companies, called on small flexible teams to churn out new ideas, and fostered a culture of “scrappy” innovation to set the ball rolling in a test-and-innovate direction.

Disrupt at Will

Overall, the approach seems to be working, as it has sparked the excitement and imagination of Forrester’s technology team by giving them permission to “disrupt at will.” The approach may not work for every company, and Peltzman’s customer-oriented revolution is still in its early stages. But if the research is to be trusted, it’s going to be business as un-usual from now on.

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