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How Companies Benefit from ITSM

And now for some good news – a truly encouraging trend for organizational improvement through ITSM is occurring. Finally, something the CIO can feel good about! In addition to these encouraging developments, the challenge of cultural and political change within the organization still looms large, according to an article for CIO Insight by Dennis McCafferty. ITSM teams, if they are to be successful, will need to access the right technologies, agile methodologies, and a mobile public/private infrastructure to tap into the current digital landscape.

Growing Up

McCaffery reexamines Dennis Drogseth’s EMA white paper for just the facts and figures, expounding upon them. In this white paper, fifty-two percent report success with recent ITSM initiatives and roughly the same number of respondents said their ITSM team is prepared to grow. Most of this growth is due to concurrent company growth, but at least 41% is the result of an expanding role for ITSM.

Flexibility, Mobility

All the numbers point in a positive direction, with 20% improvements in internal user experience and 19% improvements in operations-to-service integrations. This expanding ITSM role is allowing a more flexible approach to work, with 65% allowed to use corporate apps via their mobile devices. This is increasing the service desk’s responsiveness to IT service consumers while reducing operating expenses.


Systems follow effective practices, and 57% reported owning configuration management databases (CMDB) or configuration management systems (CMS). The top three uses for these CMDBs /CMS are performance-related service impact, change management, and asset management, in that order.

Near Future Commitments

A whopping 71% have plans for implementation discovery and dependency mapping applications (ADDM). This will ensure that cloud migration efforts will be completed effectively, and 30% believe it will improve the management of assets. Also in the next twelve months, look to see a big jump in change automation. Sixty percent report an automation commitment. The benefits of ITSM growth are clear – 48% improvement in IT process automation, 40% improvement in systems configuration. What’s not to love?

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